The Management of Spectrum Solutions are committed to "Determine and meet customer necessities and wherever possible improve client’s satisfaction."
Mr. Imran Shaikh
Founder & Director Training & Operations
Mr. Imran Shaikh is the Founder and Director of Spectrum Solutions, He first started his business in 2007 in India. During the initial years, He acted as an individual trainer, recruiter, engineer, designer, and support representative for the whole establishment, allowing the company to be a stable in business from the beginning.

In addition, towards his chief duties & responsibilities in successively running the establishment and setting up complete services approach, He continually participated in the delivering, presenting and designing the products & services teams within the organization. A dynamic personality with a distinct character and approach is the symbol of our leadership. Transparency and reliability with clienteles to do business in the utmost ethical value earns accolades from the Clients and Associates. With his hard work and the idea to start up, which will not only deliver and distribute knowledge but also give competition to the overvalued companies and can create wide employment opportunities direct and indirectly to the natives.
Tabassum Shah
Director - Administration & Recruitment’s
A Master in Business Administration with an Industrial & Commercial experience in Human Resources & Education Industry with rich stint in Human Resources and Recruitment’s field. She has become one of the vital asset of the company. Her distinct vision is to take to Spectrum Solutions new height through resources and opportunities for development. Her role is to oversee the business administration and support financial planning for the company.

She skillfully directed the competent team and magnificently carried out the responsibility of developing the analytical frameworks that shape the company’s business. Since after her Introduction, she has developed the division and took Spectrum Solutions to new verticals into a strong force of team that covers on-look of business commitments, strategies and customer insights to analytics and data science.
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