Overseas Recruitments

Committed to creating and uphold confident for your staffing requirements, we at Spectrum Solutions provides services for headhunting and manpower employment with efficiency and quick response. We have increased credit by providing exemplary customer service and experienced staffs to various corporates of all sizes in India, Bangladesh, Gulf, Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia as well as other parts of the globe.

We are in the industry to understand your manpower necessities, procuring the applicant with an anticipated profile and building credulous associations. With our industry knowledge and expertise, we understand that today companies want more than a trained applicant; they hand-pick employees who are competent, creative, display a positive attitude and have the power to develop as an associate of their team.

Apart from outdated practices to sourcing applicants (like advertising in the media), we also integrate advanced means to acquire or select true professionals. Our professionals influence the power of technology-based staffing and emphasis on online broadcasting to make sure that our clients receive the utmost suitable aspirants for their associations.
International Recruitments
Spectrum Solutions Supported by unmatched expertise and charted by upscaling skills and delivery in proficient global recruitment organization values, we have experts who have a deep understanding of international manpower recruitments and help in providing complete HR services as well as staffing solutions so as to maximize clients' manpower potential. With opportunities to hunt for quality aptitude and also requires overseas recruitment of particular skills.
We being a comprehensive organization have also placed job seekers in international regions of-
  • Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, & UAE)
  • Georgia
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Maldives
Visa Stamping & Processing
Spectrum Solutions Having comprehensive know-how of the complexities involved in global employment process, we hold specialization in delivering fast as well as reliable services. Here, the know-how learned and acquired by us in visa stamping and processing while delivering millions of travel documents it also assures that visa being handled quickly (even overnight), accurately as well as professionally.
Our visa services are applicable to following areas:
  • Employment Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Work Permits
Immigration Services
Spectrum Solutions Currently there are five countries those have a point based immigration program schedule. The point based immigration program tells an option to people those want to work and settle in overseas. There are number of categories under which candidates can apply. You can apply independently for the country visa or have a relative guarantor who can take your guarantee for the country applied for or an overseas employer guarantor for you or the country it-self guarantor you. Candidates whose jobs/careers are in demand usually get premium points and earlier processing. Each country has their peculiar definite list of jobs.
Countries that propose point based settlement or immigration
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand
  • UK
Advantages of choosing for a point based immigration schedule
You need to prerequisite the obligatory points as specified by the immigration department, in order to be qualified or selected. An eligibility standard is clear and defined.
For a successful application your certification and documentation has to be correct and without any flaws or faults and whole documents will be inspected after the presentation. You will be only qualified for immigration when you satisfy the clear defined eligibility criteria or if you have been previously rejected for any another visa. When you receive your citizenship – Generally after 5 years you can land in the country - You will be gifted to travel to more than 150 countries and you can also act as a guarantor your family and relatives.
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